Strategic Improvement

Excellence is a core value at MIS. The pursuit of it comes through ongoing, strategic improvement in all aspects of the MIS experience. This strategic work takes place in the context of a long-term vision, That every student will embody the skills and characteristics articulated in our Student Profile, and That every student can go deeper in areas of personal interest or passion (a curated collection of experiences, deemed “pathways”)

Improvement (and thus success) is not linear, nor should it be laid out in blueprint fashion. The world is rapidly changing due to the technological revolution. The utility of brick and mortar schools (including universities) are under question. We can’t be certain like we once were of the exact knowledge, skills and dispositions our students need in order to adapt and contribute to this new world.

As leaders, we must develop a degree of comfort in this ambiguity. We must be persistent and resilient. We must overcome our cautious nature. We must question the status quo: i.e. what worked for us. We must strive toward institutional focus. We must adapt and continue to learn. The stakes are high, and we accept this challenge.