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Best and Top 10 Schools in Darbhanga

Ms Deepty Chaudhary-Principal

Ms Deepty Chaudhary is a Post Graduate in Botany and Masters in Education with experience of a teacher, Vice Principal and a Principal with most time spent at different Army Schools. She has also worked as a chairperson of a NGO, Enlighten World in area of crime against women & children and Deaddiction As a member of a non-profit body, Council of Information Security she has also worked in awareness campaigns against cybercrimes.

She is not only Academician but also a transformational leader in education with a curious mind which encourages brainstorming, innovative thinking for out of the box solutions. As a principal she displays a keen sense of perception and capability of evaluating situations, teams and individuals to extract best out of them and effectively communicates her mind to her team and students.