About us


A tradition of excellence

Thank you for your interest in Manipal international school. We welcome you personally to our truly revolutionary school.  

We recognize that to prepare students adequately for our increasingly complex and interconnected world, we must provide them with new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating in solving our most pressing global issues.

As such, our mission goes far beyond preparing students for good universities and prosperous careers; we want to create globally-minded and critical-thinking innovators ready to re-shape the world for the better.

We truly believe that education is about preparing students for jobs that don’t exist now. To do this, students need to be in a happy and safe environment.



We make learning exciting, relevant and challenging for students, as we continually draw connections between what they learn in the classroom and the real world.

Perhaps most importantly, we encourage our young people to reflect on their learning—and to act on it in the service of others. We believe learning must be for action and impact. We will place a large emphasis on developing students’ mindsets to encourage them to be positive, aspirational and resilient.

It is important that they develop self-belief and confidence. The partnership and collaboration between students, parents and teachers are crucial elements for students to succeed and be the best they can possibly be.

Our campus is spectacular and the attention to detail to ensure that students will have the best opportunity of success in their school years is there for all to see in every aspect of the school design, curriculum, planning and staffing.


We are committed to providing excellence in all that we do

We are dedicated to creating responsible universal citizens who will be bright leaders of the 21st century by laying a superior foundation through quality education.

Inspire our children to Inquire & Innovate to become passionate global lifelong learners through an enriched holistic international curriculum while proactively contributing in meaningful ways to the world.






Critical reasoning


Innovative thinking