Manipal International School highlights every day learning experience of the students with our vibrant co-scholastic classes. We take these fun filled sessions very seriously to bring out the best talents in our Manipalites. Our passionate team is made of creative educators from various fields of art and physical education. We have our eminent team comprising Art & craft, Theatre, Dance, Yoga, Musicetc

Creating a unique learning experience, incorporating an exciting and embedding of concepts from core subjects to empower our students leading to a strong foundation on anything and everything possible. A profound goal in accordance with NEP policy is to make the demarcation line between scholastic and co-scholastic to blend in as learning for life is the ultimate goal.

Theatre Drama and Life
"All the World is a stage" - William Shakespeare
At MIS-theatre classes are fun for learning life skills. Sessions focus on bringing out the voice and volume to bring out the thoughts and expressions effortlessly. A power packed combination of high impact activity, intro activity, verbal dynamics, skits and plays, group improvisation, recitation, characterization, mime and more. We ensure everyone has fun evolving to be a better one every time.

We ensure everyone has fun becoming a better personality by ongoing development of essential skills like eye contact, confident pitch and tone, focusing on first of 4Cs, communication. Every moment is a well expressed way of life, and they are preparing by practising with different scenarios.

Arts and heartists
At MIS-we place art at heart. Every student is encouraged to become the best of who he or she is. The power of holding the pastel to brush and sprayer; these techniques are carefully taught to see the magic of colours. The importance of rules and blends are procreated in a customised manner so the artist is respected and brought out. Integration of art sessions with concepts from maths and science and some parts of geography and history drives the critical thinking of a child to learn more.

The curriculum covers varied concepts for beginners from scribble art, doodling, planes and portrait, two dimensional, three dimensional and multidimensional poster making integrated with related subjects, 3D evaluation art, clay modelling, still life drawing, colour composition technique, brush techniques, crafting, origami, quilling & collage making.

Art influences by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Art in this sense is communication; it allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images and stories. Art is often a vehicle for social change. Celebrations of festivals become brighter and brilliant when we have our tiny hands decorated with all their artistic attitude.

'Everything is awesome when you dance!'
Manipalites dance to the rhythm of their heart soulfully. Focussed fun filled sessions to educate oneself about space and balance. Time and tune tied to the movement enables everyone to footloose. Culture blended classical, Indian folk and western freestyle dance.

Musical theatre, pantomime and musicals are performed to boast off for events across the year. The best learning for life throughout are team building, working together to offer a perfect masterpiece, belonging to a crew, flexibility as an attitude and dancing all the way.

"Yoga is way of life"
Manipalites believe in and practice the union of body, mind and soul. Yoga is learnt and observed integrating science and physiology to keep one's body fit. A calm composed way of life guiding one to be strong and confident. The basic impact of following the right posture improving self-esteem and flexibility is an attitude our students develop eventually. Team activities encourage practising yoga as a team.

Our curriculum revolves on the following methods of yoga as it works on various levels of one's body, mind, emotion and energy. This has given rise to four broad classifications of Yoga: karma yoga, where we use the body; bhakti yoga, where we use the emotions; gyana yoga, where we use the mind and intellect; and kriya yoga, where we use the energy.

"Music can change the world" - Beethovan
Our world of music at MIS is the beginning of expression at a whole new level. Our curriculum is filled with sessions spread across to expose our students to English classical music and western world music. Musical instruments are introduced to pick a hobby and style to add to life.

Innovative instrument making workshops, music making workshops, band forming activities are all planned for the year ahead. School choir and school band are evolving to bring creative projects.