Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence (CoE) was established by ‘Manipal Group’ for implementing best-standards, best-practices and capacity-building for all MIS Schools across India. CoE provides a framework and support to the Schools so that they succeed in developing high standards of conduct in the field of learning, innovation and student-support.

Manipal’s CoE is geared towards educational, learning, skills and physical development goals. These are each dealt with separately, and are part of the CoE framework. The CoE’s Core Team of experts dwell with the way framework is made operational via a number of operational mechanisms, governance and organisational solutions.

Ms. Geeta Gajare

Dean Pre-primary School

Ms. Lakshmi Krishnan

Dean-Primary school

Ms. Christine A Smith

Dean-High School

Mr. Jayaprakash

Head Coscholastic

Ms. Vimla Rajpurohit

GM - Administration - Marketing

Mr. Venkatachalam

GM - Operations Projects

Ms. Vandana Naik


Ms. Latika Chaudhary

Manager - Marketing - HR

Ms. Rekha

Coordinator - Pre-Primary

Ms. Madhavi N


Ms. Shubha Kiran


Ms. Vandana Patil


Mr. Rama V Naik


Ms. Eva Tripathi


Ms. Mary I

MLDP In-charge

Mr. Biju B

Sports In-charge

Mr. Prakash

Art Incharge