Pre Primary School
MIS Pre-primary programme is a child-centric early childhood programme. The framework for pre-primary years focuses on developing children as inquirers through a play based learning environment. We believe that our early year’s students should be in an environment where they can develop academically, socially and emotionally.

Manipal International School has developed a unique pedagogical approach, bringing together the best practices from various methods that include the transdisciplinary approach of the IB PYP methodology. It is our priority to create a personalised environment for our students, in a perspective of acceptance and respect for the individual development of each Child. We ensure holistic education by integrating new age technologies, and along with the world-class academics, we focus on co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills in a very systematic way. Ourendeavour is to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and standard education which is recognised globally.

In Pre-primary we have integrated curriculum which is framed with experiential pedagogy. We follow the multiple intelligence methodology, Montessori approach and also integrated with IB (PYP) curriculum.

Domains of child’s learning include ….

  • Language development that helps the child to use language orally and in print by exploring with different set of activities.
  • Cognitive development activities like reasoning, recognising, remembering and comparing helps our Students to promote cognitive development.
  • Social and emotional development influences our Student’s self-confidence, empathy, and value for others.
  • Physical activities help the child in development of better motor skills.
  • In creative space, the child is offered different activities to express and cope with their feelings through arts, dance, drama, music, etc
  • Provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each Student’s learning flourishes, lifelong learning happens, and systematic approach to build good relationship occurs between the family and the school.

Primary School
MIS primary programme ensures that our students have a smooth transition from the Preprimary to the Primary school. All expectations and actions are directed to better students both individually and as a whole. Student safety, health, their academic growth and happiness are our fundamental duties. Considering students at the apex, we nurture, counsel, discipline, and educate each and every student shall always be our focal point.

The elementary years at MIS-being the foundation stage in a child’s life, play a vital role in the overall personality development of the child. Conducive learning environment along with happy bonding in a play way method does wonders. We engage with our students through hands on activity for each and every topic which helps them to learn and connect with the topic and subject with a better sense of understanding and a lasting knowledge.

We stimulate our young students to connect our curriculum with the wider outside world. Our students learn in a fun way, to express relatively complex concepts in the English language that they had just started learning. They are stimulated to connect with the wider world, and started forming their own individual views and opinions.

Activity based T-L Pedagogy.We engage our students through experiential hands-on activity for each and every topic which helps them to learn and connect with the topic with a better sense of understanding and a lasting knowledge.
Happiness Quotient. Our child-centric pedagogy ensures that every child enjoys learning and being in school and are willing to learn.
Co-Curricular Activities. We have several co-curricular activities like Karate, swimming, theatre, dance, drama, life-skills, art and craft and leadership development program classes to equip our students with the 21st century skills.
Childhood is short! We believe in creating and sustaining a WHOLESOME learning environment for every individual at MIS.

Secondary School
At MIS-the Curriculum is internationally benchmarked with high performing world curricula strengthened by local and global dimensions, empowering students to develop knowledge, skills, competencies, values, attitudes and dispositions that promote collective social responsibility, sustainable development and world well-being, reflecting global citizenship.

Through experiential learning and personality skills, the pedagogy at MIS aims to strengthen the abilities, capabilities, and expertise of the children in a comprehensive and holistic approach to ensure all-round development of the students. Students are provided multiple opportunities to develop their communication, creativity, knowledge, and organization skills.

With the seamless integration of inter-disciplinary learning through Coding, STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math), students are equipped with transferable skills and competencies required for the jobs and challenges of the future. Student learning in Science and Math is scaffolded through the usage of Labs and instructional material designed to promote higher order thinking.

Research Based Learning forms an integral component of the curriculum where in students actively search for and then use multiple resources, materials, and texts in order to explore important, relevant, and interesting questions and challenges. They find, process, organise and evaluate information and ideas as they build reading skills and vocabulary along with finding sustainable solutions.

The progress of individual children is monitored by periodic assessment, maintenance of notebooks, and regular submission checks. Discipline of students is also assessed based on attendance, behaviour, and regular checking of assignments and homework. The assessment strategy uses a combination of continuous assessment of skills and understanding in the classroom along with more structured assessments through scheduled tests and examinations. Strategies and additional support that are aimed at strengthening the skills and knowledge of our students are provided by the faculty.

The focus of learning is to promote Mastery Learning of concepts so that all students perform to and beyond their potential taking responsibility for their own learning. Through a combination of activities that are both individual and collaborative an appreciation for learning is built that transcends subject boundaries.

It is rightly said “children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see” Teachers and School play a most vital role in crafting and transmitting these messages. We believe in creating and sustaining a WHOLESOME environment for all our stake holders.

Senior Secondary School

  • Integrated coaching for Grade-11 and Grade-12
  • Associated with Super-30 to provide experienced faculty (Ex-IITians)
  • Online LMS with recorded videos, study material, assessments, etc
  • Streams include: PCMB, PCM with Computer Science, PCB with Computer Science, PCM with Physical Education, PCB with Physical Education